That There War On Plastic

This blog was written a while ago, but with one health thing and other; it sat in drafts just waiting for some air (screen?) time. Looking back over it, I feel that it still needs to be shared. A few months ago a newspaper cutting containing an article that was written by Tom Bawden was waved Read more…

Mushroom Ketchup

I’ve mentioned mushroom ketchup in a previous blog so thought I should share my recipe. It is a consant in this house, even with the kids who “don’t like” mushrooms. It can be used to add richness to dishes as an ingredient or as a condiment- great with chunky garlic wedges.

Whats next at the Pantry??

We have been promoting the pantry for two months and it has exceeded any expectation that we could have had back when it was just an idea at the precipice of the world going a bit wrong. Has anyone suggested turning it off and then back on again by the way?