Location, delivery changes, robots and THOSE melons.

I thought that I should to a little bit of an update, since it has been a while. I have been utterly useless at keeping up with recipes, But I have got quite good at understanding accounting- swings and Milton Keynes roundabouts.

We are here!!

We are still here supplying great produce to great people!! Who’d have thought it?! Some people seem to have missed the memo that the physical shop is now open so I (badly) drew an indication of where we are on the above map. Although our address is 111 Buckingham Road, the access to our car park is on Byron close. We are open between 10-7 Tuesday to Friday and 10-4 on Saturday..

Now we have the shop the delivery side of things is still mostly a-go; covering the Milton Keynes area. We covered most of the Bucks villages during lockdown due to the supermarkets being completely unable to feed people. Unfortunately, now that the supermarkets have caught up, we are not seeing the uptake that we did; as a result, we must pull out of areas that are not economical.

This is sad, as we forged good customer relations at a difficult time. We want to thank those who did stick with us because you guys enabled us to build a solid foundation for our company. If the orders perk up in those areas, maybe we can come back!

You can order via the Pantry tab on our website up to 5pm the day before the deliveries go out.

On a positive note- we are out of hire vans and have a fridge van of our very own to bring you your deliveries. It is yet to be sign written, baby steps in the right direction!

Brutus the second had fridge van.

Our ordering proccess has developed.

At the start of this leap of faith we could only provide standardised fruit and veg boxes in Milton Keynes. This has changed quite dramatically. We can now provide different sized boxes, along with a build your own extras option. We have no additional delivery charge unless you do not meet our min order of £14. Most of what is in the shop is also on the website, so if you get stuck isolating you can have your weekly shop delivered instead.

We are also now able to supply people on a wholesale basis- so if you need top quality produce for your business, event or you just really like making jam- pop us a message and we can organise something that will work for you.


At the pantry we have been working hard to turn a vet building it to a small shop building. The kennels are nearly out, which means we can move our back room into our kennel space then onwards to moving the veg into its own room. This will make keeping it cool easier and give customers more space when they visit us for their fruit and veg in Milton Keynes. This, like any DIY anything has taken longer than we expected. It is next to impossible to get tip slots or skips, so it has been a bit of an event. Again, with the baby steps.

The work means long days. But Jo doesn’t sleep anyway.

We are on board with Starship.

Fruit and veg delivered in Milton Keynes by autonomous robots’ sounds like something from a sci-fi comic. However, we are seemingly living in the future and this is our new reality. You can find out more about Starship here. They are very clever and we are lucky to be one of the first places to yse them. I don’t think we will ever get bored when loading these personable creature bots. They shock and awe wherever they go, and we are really enjoying working with them. You can order from us- from their app on both Apple and Android.

Fresh veg, via robot


Everyone has gone nuts about Limelons, especially in the hot weather. We will have them consistently in stock whilst they are in season. They have received great feedback and it has also been interesting to hear everyone’s recipe ideas, most of which seem to involve rum and ice cream!

As always a thank you..

We are so greatful to customers both old and new. This pandemic panic fart of an idea has turned into something that will hopefully secure us longer term. We couldn’t have done it without you. We are now tasked with keeping it going so that we can pay ourselves! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Keep well,

Molly’s Pantry x

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