Our First Newsletter.

Welcome to our first newsletter.

It has only taken us around 14 months to have time to sit in one place and get set up. What  14 months it has been! We have gone from a back of the car business to a physical shop, delivery service and huge benefit to our community, A big thank you to everyone who has stuck with us on the way!

Here is a little update moving forward.

We are now an award winning service.

Recently we won the Corporate Livewire London and South East, fruit and veg delivery service of the year award 2021

The delivery service has changed.

There have been several evolutions of our delivery service so we feel that it is important to put out a little update to clarify where we are at right now. We currently deliver across MK1-MK15, Newport Pagnell, MK17 and some of MK19. The deliveries are Wednesday and Friday, orders can be submitted via our website www.mollyspantry.co.uk up to 5pm the evening before. 
We also offer a large range of plastic free store cupboard items which can be ordered by weight and supplied in Kraft paper bags ready for your storage containers at home. All brought to you in a refrigerated van to ensure quality as the weather warms up. 

Some of our older customers may have noticed a lack of village locations in our delivery zone. If you would like to come back to us and you are no longer in our delivery area get in touch to let us know. If there are enough regular orders we will add another route on.

What’s on at The Pantry?

On the 29th of May The Willen Ice Cream Company are visiting us with their lovely stand alone van. Supplying locally made ice cream and sorbets (yay, vegan options) that are also made from locally sourced ingredients- no booking necessary, just turn up, maintain social distancing and hope for the sakes of all of us that the sun is out for a change.

We’ve been wanting to get Willen Ice Cream in the shop since we opened

On the 5th of June Buckinghamshire Honey are visiting us with their observation hive. This is a really great opportunity to learn all about the importance of bees from people who really care about the preservation of the species. They will be with us from 11am to 3pm. As always, maintain distances and observe the current Covid regulations.

Buckinghamshire Honey have been supplying us with their fantastic honey throughout 2021

Did you know?

That we have a wholesale operation in Milton Keynes? We supply to business’s large and small across Milton Keynes and its surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter if you are a high end kitchen or a small company that wants to protect the wellbeing of its workers with great food now that we are back in the office, we are able to meet your needs. If your company has a strong focus in local and unusual get in touch wholesale@mollyspantry.co.uk

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