Locally Sourced Milton Keynes Veg Delivery

Welcome to Molly’s Pantry, your local Milton Keynes family run greengrocer

We are a new(ish) family run start-up that is offering high quality, reasonably priced, good value, locally sourced veg. We also have a range of other products to compliment our service.

Molly’s pantry offers a delivery service which has evolved beyond set veg boxes to the opportunity to build your own box alongside adding refill items and eco household items to your order. Our single use plastic count is down to less than 1%.

Molly’s pantry works closely with a number of small producers in order to cater for people in our community, wholesale partners and commercial customers.

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Molly's Pantry - Milton Keynes Veg delivery
Molly’s Pantry offer locally sourced veg delivery in Milton Keynes


Some of the products available

Suma Chopped Tomatoes 400g

Tomatoes* (60%), Tomato Juice*.

*from organic farming

We Made Drinks- Locally Made in Penn

We made drinks is a small company based in Penn In Buckinghamshire. What started as a university project bloomed into the company that it is now!

No nasties, made with real fruit, still and full of flavour!

We will add more of this range as they transition from plastic to cans.

Tony’s Chocolonely 70% Dark Large

Tony’s Chocolonely is the yummy brainchild of Teun van de Keuk – a Dutch journalist who exposed child slave  labour in the chocolate in the cocoa industry. Teun (Dutch for Tony) was shocked to discover how rife slave labour of both children and adults is in West Africa where 60% of the world’s cocoa beans are grown and decided to …

Tony’s Chocolonely Dark Almond and Sea Salt small

This Fairtrade Dark Almond Sea Salt Chocolate Bar is a rich chocolate bar with an intense 51% cocoa content, chewy almond pieces and infused sea salt.  This vegan, plain chocolate is packed full of flavour and 100% slave labour-free. This ethical chocolate bar has a green wrapper and is wonderfully whacky with blocks in irregular sizes to show how profits …


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