Locally Sourced Milton Keynes Veg Delivery

Welcome to Molly’s Pantry, your local Milton Keynes family run greengrocer

We are a new(ish) family run start-up that is offering high quality, reasonably priced, good value, locally sourced veg. We also have a range of other products to compliment our service.

Molly’s pantry offers a delivery service which has evolved beyond set veg boxes to the opportunity to build your own box alongside adding refill items and eco household items to your order. Our single use plastic count is down to less than 1%.

Molly’s pantry works closely with a number of small producers in order to cater for people in our community, wholesale partners and commercial customers.

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Molly's Pantry - Milton Keynes Veg delivery
Molly’s Pantry offer locally sourced veg delivery in Milton Keynes


Some of the products available

Alpro Selection


40 years of leading the food revolution, making plant-based a positive choice for the planet and its people.
Here’s to the plant-based future with even more irresistibly tasty foods!

Good Hemp Selection

Made from pressed Hemp Seeds, it’s Cracking with coffee & Pan -Tastic for pancakes.
Smooth & Frothable with Omega-3, Filled with Good Free from Bad, A Vital Vegan Source of Omega 3 & 6, Made at our farm in sunny Devon, No Nasty pesticides Needed, Good for the planet too!, Heroic hemp replenishes soil as …

Planted Oat

British Oat Drink

with added Calcium, Vitamin D2 & B12


A delicious, creamy alternative to milk, fortified with added vitamins and minerals and made with British oats.

  • Calcium– for the maintenance of normal teeth & bones
  • Vitamin D – which contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • Vitamin B12 – which contributes to …

Red Veined Sorrel 20g

Sorrel leaves have a tangy taste, with hints of citrus. They may be harvested as a baby leaf and used in salads, but can also be harvested when mature and cooked like spinach. Sorrel works well as an accompaniment to fish, meat and egg dishes, and as an ingredient in soup and gratins. Leaves may also be added raw to dishes.

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