Locally Sourced Milton Keynes Veg Delivery

Welcome to Molly’s Pantry, your local Milton Keynes family run greengrocer

We are a new(ish) family run start-up that is offering high quality, reasonably priced, good value, locally sourced veg. We also have a range of other products to compliment our service.

Molly’s pantry offers a delivery service which has evolved beyond set veg boxes to the opportunity to build your own box alongside adding refill items and eco household items to your order. Our single use plastic count is down to less than 1%.

Molly’s pantry works closely with a number of small producers in order to cater for people in our community, wholesale partners and commercial customers.

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Molly's Pantry - Milton Keynes Veg delivery
Molly’s Pantry offer locally sourced veg delivery in Milton Keynes


Some of the products available

Apples- Jonagold

Jonagold is a US cultivar gaining popularity in the UK. A sweet crisp apple with great storing qualities



Swede, also known as Rutabaga or Swedish Turnip. Also often referred to as Neeps in Scotland Great for mashing or roasting. The Swede is a hybrid between Turnip and Cabbage.



Chestnuts for roasting on an open fire, or for stuffing! A classic addition to Christmas.

Add to your Christmas veg box to be delivered on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th in time for your Christmas dinner.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire (or in an oven!)


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