Get creative this summer with Fizzing Bath Salts! From Suds.

Introduction to a guest blog from Suds.

Summer Holiday’s at Molly’s Pantry Milton Keynes

It’s the summer holidays!!! I used to love the summer holidays so much when I was little, but I know my dad used to get stuck for ideas to keep us occupied – especially on the days where the weather wasn’t that great. You too can keep your little ones occupied by getting them to get creative in the kitchen! Fizzing bath salts are loads of fun to make and use, and can be made from normal kitchen ingredients. Once you’re used to making them, you can play around with the ingredients to create something unique to you… and they make amazing crafty gifts.

Family time, with Molly’s Pantry Milton Keynes

You will need:

1 cup bicarbonate of soda
1 cup Epsom salt
½ cup citric acid (extra bicarb can be used if you don’t have citric acid)
½ cup cornflour
3 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp food colouring
5 drops of your favourite essential oil

Make sure to use a non reactive bowl.


Mix all the ingredients together in a glass bowl, stirring in the food colouring well so that its
mixed through the dry ingredients fully.

This is an activity for all ages, get mixing!
Take care not to use too many drops! Even if it is tempting.

Carefully spoon the mixture into a glass jar and seal the lid.

Tie a pretty bow around the jar so you can give it as a gift. Add as much as you want to each

Time to relax!

It really is that easy!

That’s it. Super easy, really cheap and great fun for the kids! Feel free to swap the olive oil
for jojoba or coconut oil if you prefer. You can miss out the food colouring or use soap mica
instead if you like. Super clever smalls can even split their salts into separate bowls
before they add the food colouring so that they can add different colours to each bowl to
make a rainbow jar of fizzing bath salts! If anyone is creative enough to do this, please tag
me in your social media posts as I’d love to see!

Lots of love

A note from Molly

We would like to thank Suds for becoming a contributor to the blog. Suds have been a supplier of ours since we took on the shop and we have so much faith in their products. You can buy Suds products directly from Suds themselves, from us and also from one of their many retailers.

We are led by you.

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Thanks for dropping by!


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