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It is exciting and stressful and scary. We had a bit of a scary drop in orders and another ” how do we pay our rent” moment but we are still here, and we are so thankful to everyone who has supported us this far.

The shop taking shape.

It is so, so good to meet some of you.

You are actual people and not mini electrical cleverness in my phone, who knew?! It is so incredibly moving to have people who have been with us from the start popping in and remembering us from the times we helped them when the supermarkets catastrophically failed everyone.

Milton Keynes Veg Box Delivery

I’ve loved meeting your kids and feeding them strawberries to stop them touching everything so that you have space to shop without feeling stressed.

We’ve appreciated your patience whilst you’ve waited outside because people want to chat about their experiences and how things are changing- along with our part in their journey.

How lovely is this? from the first delivery to now!

We have loved journeying this journey with you all.

Are you still doing deliveries?

Yes!! we are. Some people have the impression that now we are in the shop we are no longer delivering veg boxes to Milton Keynes. This is not the case and we are still out in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire towards the end of the week. Delivery days have changed to meet the demands of the shop in Bletchley and to phase out areas of unviability. Unfortunately, once it starts to cost us money to come to certain places, we are no longer able to meet that round- we are a use it or lose it, tiny, tiny company with no investment or cash cushion.

Fresh Veg, in store and delivered!

Local producer? get in touch?!

If you are growing/making/doing something wonderful in the local area, we want to hear from you. From supplying us stock to skill shares and workshops, the world is scary and changing quickly so we want to put community at the centre of our thoughts.

Suds of Stony Stratford!
One of our donation fruit baskets

War on waste!

We are very passionate about reducing waste and packaging. The majority of our produce is plastic free, and we reuse all of our wooden/plastic crates. Food waste is a huge issue in the U.k and we do not plan on being part of the problem. As before, we still donate our squishy bits to a pig sanctuary. Our food that is past its sellable best but is still usable gets either donated or put onto Too good to go which means there isn’t much left besides our cardboard waste which all goes to recycling- sometimes after being made into garden forts by the children.

No plastic peas

Moving forwards

At present the physical shop is open 5 days a week from 10-7 Tues-Fri and 10-4 on Saturdays. We have had a lot of help setting up the shop by way of donations for fittings and equipment which has been so overwhelming and amazing. As such a new company starting at such a rubbish time, new business grants are not open to us, so it has been a bit tricky. We would not have been able to get this far without so much support both in repeat custom and in donations, we are so appreciative.  Currently we are working within the restrictions set both by Covid and doing this with three children to look after and home-school. There is so much more we want to do but we need to stabilise funding and breathe a little bit first.

Sign by @happycrabcarving

So! come and see us!!

If you are ready to be out and about come and see us! If you are still unsure about coming into shops, we can now offer click and collect on our website. We can even load straight into your car to make things easier for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us via Email or via Facebook/Twitter if you have any questions either about popping into the shop or organising a delivery- we love to chat!

Thank you for helping us to keep going, every repeat customer is helping us pave the way to do good things in the future xx

PS. … good things are bubbling…

The smalls have been very helpful.

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