Whats next at the Pantry? – More than just veg

Two months in.

We have been delivering veg and promoting The Pantry for two whole months. It has exceeded any expectation that we could have had. Especially since it was just an idea at the precipice of the world going a bit wrong. Has anyone suggested turning it off and then back on again by the way?

We have had the wonderful opportunity to get to know our customers in a really personal way. Serving people when they need it the most when the usual suspects (supermarkets) were unable to deliver. Pre- pandemic this level of personal service may not have happened in the same way.

Whats next?

Currently we are in a strange in betweeney stage. Initially we were Flying-By-The-Seat-Of-Our-Pants busy. This involved 18 hour days, constant communication and balancing having a family. It was a little bit bonkers! Now it is less busy- which is great for the community because it means you’re not isolated and that you are well. In the chaos we built strong foundations on which to move forward. Now we have some time to take stock (both figuratively and literally) as to the next stage of wheres, whats, whys and hows.

Mushrooms seem to be popular amoung you guys!

The idea of Molly’s Pantry was never a short term one. Although we were forced to implement it sooner than we had anticipated. we are now allowing ourselves space to plan further forward than just a week at a time- which is really exciting.

New products, all of the time.

In terms of what we are selling, we are updating our stock on a weekly basis and trying to keep prices down where-ever possible. We are constantly in contact with our customers and will do our best to source what ever we are asked for (so, ask us, if we can we will).

The most wonderful time of the year.

Facebook, love it or hate it.

Initially all of our business ran through a Facebook page. If you have followed us from the start you will have seen that we had only expected to sell to friends and family. This fine plan exploded in a way that was really, unexpectedly exciting. One customer stated that they’d “found great veg and their new favourite place on the internet” due to the community that had been created in the middle of a crisis.

Elderflower and rhubarb cordial.

Join us!

However, Facebook is great and it does what it does, but it has started to limit our reach (unless we pay for advertising, which we can’t afford to do). This, coupled with the launch of the website led to needing to communicate less to place orders. Meaning that we do not get to speak to you as much as we did. Which is actually a bit rubbish- we miss you!

So, we have set up a group for our customers so that we can continue to keep the little community going.

Join us here; https://www.facebook.com/groups/2885745671522674

These toms are fantastic and are grown with a conscience.

The group will be there for banter, recipe swapping, general positivity and top quality memes. Hopefully the group will mean that we will miss less of you and you’ll miss less of us.

Crisis intervention or not, we are here on this journey and we want to take it further with our community by our sides!

Please continue to stay inside where ever you can and keep well, and we will keep bringing you great quality veg boxes


All at Molly’s Pantry x

Yes, dirty nails- gardening, always.

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