Cauliflower nuggets

Cauliflower Nuggets -This shouldn’t work; but it does.

This evening I found myself doing an internet recipe hunt as felt uninspired with the prospect of cooking dinner (again), I found this recipe which I will post at the end of this blog which Inspired me to get cauliflower creative.

It was so-unexpectedly- good that I thought I should share it!

You will need and to do;

1 Cauliflower- chopped into small florets in a large bowl.

You could also use one of our Romanesques for this

2 table spoons of spices- I used cumin, a Tandoori Masala bbq mix and garlic powder but you could use smoked paprika to also get a bbq flavour along with jerk type spices.

Around half a cereal bowl of plain flour- I appreciate that this is vauge, it does depend on how big your cauli is, you can wing it; you wil be fine.

Put the dry stuff in a small bowl.

In a small pan warm up- 2 table spoons of maple syrup (or honey) a large table spoon of chunky peanut butter (or not if you’re allergic) a good slug of olive oil and either 2 tablespoons of dark soy sauce OR 2 tablespoons of mushroom ketchup until thick and sticky.

Mushroom ketchup isn’t a usual store cupboard item for a lot of people but it is something that I make a lot and has a soy saucy, earthy, salty flavour- can share the recipe should anyone want it at a later date.

Pour the sauce over the cauliflower and coat- I covered the bowl with cling film and swooshed it around a bit in order to avoid breaking up the cauli too much.

Once coated, pour the dry mix over and swoosh some more. I did this in four parts to make sure it was evenly coated.

Spread your cauliflower out on a rack on a tray- a pizza tray would probably also work. Bake for 30mins- until crispy.

Sorry, not many photos as I didn’t expect it to actually work. Kids ate it before I could steal any further images!

Cauliflower nuggets
Crispy Cauliflower nuggets are a great vegan alternative

Enjoy! If you give it a go, send me your photos!

Molly’s Pantry x.

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