Some current FAQs as the world is going back to normal(ish)

Some common conversations I’m having with customers at the moment.

Worried that you missed the cut off for orders?

Talk to us and we can usually sort something out.

Order after five and actually need it tomorrow?

Drop us a message, we are a small company, we don’t have the same restrictions as a super market, we have usually meet that for you.

Won’t be home during the day?

You can let us know of a “safe place” or neighbor who may be home to receive your delivery. Also where suitable we are happy to deliver to work places.

The weather is warming up and I won’t be there to receive my goodies?

Cool boxes! Leave a cool box in a “safe place”, pop some re usable ice packs in the bottom and we can unpack your stuff into the box to be perfect by the time you are there to receive it.

Can you do wholesale, multiple deliveries to a single drop off point, office well being fruit baskets, fruit selections for weddings, births, funerals along with sending as a gift??

All the yes, just talk to us😁

But I don’t like butternut squash and I only want  a jar of honey this week?

Slowly slowly catchy monkey, items are being individually listed so you can build your own order if you are not all that into the suprise of a box. You no longer have to order a box to order extras or additional veg, there is a minimum order OR a delivery charge option in order to cover our costs.

Essentially, we are here to work for you and we can are as flexible as a circus contortionist, you just need to speak to us🥰

Have a great day x

P.s- join our group Friends of Molly’s Pantry as posting on Facebook- our main platform- here doesn’t always reach everyone.

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