Egg box crisis!!

We are really struggling to source cardboard eggs box containers- as is our egg supplier. This means that this week some of our eggs went out in single use plastic, which is not what we want and goes against a lot of what we try to achieve. We only use plastic when we really have to, for example, items such as watercress can’t be delivered to you in good condition without it.

A request for you?!

This morning we asked ourselves if we really need egg boxes?

We are not allowed to re-use old egg boxes, because; rules.

Could we ask that we simply ” Drop the box”??

When we collect the eggs from the farm thay are in big trays. From which we could distribute into your own container that you leave out for us; instead of repacking them into boxes. As chicken keepers ourselves, our own eggs are kept in an egg bowl which is perfectly adaquate. This also produces no additional waste. The waste from the egg deliveries to us gets reused as postal packing for our veg box postal orders.

What can we do for you?

I have spoken to a few people this week and said that the costs are slowly stabilising in some areas (you will notice prices changes here and there). This is a result of the world calming down a little bit and the supermarkets (sort of) catching up. Consequently we are able to bring the cost of eggs down. If everyone leaves a container out for us instead of using a box, it means we don’t have to pass on the cost of buying egg boxes to you guys. So less waste and less cost. That counts as a win right? Let us know what you think?

Eggcellent. stay cosy,

Molly’s Pantry x

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    Great idea guys ❤

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