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Does he Avo-Ca-do? – How to make Avocado Chocolate mousse

I’ve been feeling the suffocation of lockdown and being injured;went from unable to do most things to unable to do anything. This afternoon I spent an unreasonably long time aimlessly staring into the void of the fridge; noticing two aging avocados. This triggered the memory of something that I used to make for my children when they were little so decided to make and share it with you all.

Avocados are weird, they taste of green and I only eat them when they are reduced as they are quite expensive; this was my fail safe way of making a reasonably healthy pudding that even the kids would eat.

There are so many recipes for this all over the internet. I am not the best at following them nor writing them. I tend to read a few, then make it up as I go; here’s mine.

To make avocado mousse you need;

-A blender- stick/jug/cup, doesn’t matter.

-Some over ripe avocados (I used two, it made three portions).

-A big splosh of milk (I used oat- you can use cow or plant based)

-3-4 tablespoons of decent cocoa powder (Green and Blacks is vegan)

-Some creamed coconut (can leave out)

-Teaspoon of vanilla (again, not essential)

-200gs dark chocolate (could use milk- never tried with white)

The Method

It is so simple, peel and stone the avocados put in the blender with a slug of milk-adding vanilla/cocoa.

Avocado Chocolate mousse
It doesn’t look great while you are making it

Microwave the chocolate and coconut in ten second bursts until melted. This could also be done in a bowl over a pan of hot water if you don’t have a microwave.

Careful not to burn it!

Once the chocolate/coconut combo is melted put it with the avocado and blend untill smooth. If it doesn’t blend smooth add milk until it does.

Spoon into some sort of Instagrammable crockery and chill You can eat it without chilling it if you can’t wait, you won’t explode. But telling the children that you can’t eat it until its chilled will buy you enough time to eat one one your own, sat on the doorstep because you just want a few minutes like I did.

Let me know if you give it a go, don’t forget to send us your photos.

Molly’s Pantry.

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