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The Regular Fruit & Veg Box


Organic certified cotton produce bag.

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The Smaller Fruit & Veg box



This veg box is smaller than our standard box. With delivery available in Milton Keynes, it would suit people who are living on their own; or those who do not use much veg over the course of a week.

It contains 8-10 varieties of veg and 3-4 varieties of Fruit.

It could be sent as a care package to a friend or family member in Milton Keynes who may have been poorly or may need a helping hand- we have had a lot of customers request this as a service.

What it Contains

The box contains a variety of high quality, fresh, veg items, including salad type produce, fruit and potatoes. You will not find any lesser spotted elf slippers in this box, it is all family friendly basic essentials such as; apples, broccoli, carrots, beetroot, etc. no surprises!

For the most part this will be local produce. However, at certain points in the year (e.g.- the farming hunger gap) this is not always possible. In this situation we will aim to supply high quality imports. This also applies to certain fruit items; we cannot grow items such as bananas in the U.K. We will always be honest about where our produce is from- if you would like to know where your items have come from, do not hesitate to ask.

Items will vary slightly as the seasons and supply chains change throughout the year.

Veg Box Delivery in Milton Keynes

We’re able to offer local veg box delivery in Milton Keynes. Just select your date on the basket page and we’ll organise it for you.

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