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Various types of cabbage. Usually grown locally by Bedfordshire growers.


Cabbage Selection

Locally grown cabbage, available seasonally. Usually grown in Bedfordshire most of our cabbages are cut to order for us and from field to shop in less than 24 hours. Sometimes even less than an hour.

Savoy Cabbage – Known for it’s crinkly appearance and strong flavour. One of the more common cabbages in the UK. A great addition to many dishes

January King – A green and purple cabbage that often resembles something from the little shop of horrors. This is our personal favourite!

Pointy cabbage – Also known as sweetheart cabbages these are much more tender than most cabbages with a sweeter, milder flavour. Unlike most cabbages the sweetheart is a summer harvest vegetable.

Tundra – (Winter Savoy) A hardy Cabbage known for its great overwintering qualities ensuring a great crop even in the coldest of seasons The leaves resemble a savoy though not as deep green nor as crinkly.

Red –  the red cabbage is a favourite of pickle makers. it’s unique flavour also makes it a popular choice mong many chefs

White  –  Like red cabbages the white cabbage has densely packed leaves and considerable weight. its softer texture and mild flavour make it good for salads and similar.

Our cabbages are locally grown and available seasonally

Milton Keynes Greengrocer and Refill Shop

Molly’s pantry offer locally grown veg delivery in Milton Keynes. Just select your date on the basket page and let us organise the rest for you.

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Savoy, January King, Red, White, Pointy, Tundra, Primo, Hispi

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