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Bramley Apple


British Bramley Apples – The great British cooking apple.


British Bramleys. The great British cooking apple. Sourced directly from local farms when in season and then moving further afield as the year progresses. The Bramley Apple is a uniquely British variety used for cooking. Coveted for it’s size and tart flavour turning to an unrivalled sweetness and fluffy texture when cooked.

It also offers great contrasting flavours when used sparingly in coleslaw or salads.

The Bramley Apple was first cultivated in the early 1800’s in Nottinghamshire by a young girl named Mary Ann Brailsford. It was however named for a butcher who eventually bought the property when a local horticulturalist asked if he could take cuttings and sell the variety. The Butcher agreed on the condition the variety bear his name. It is likely Mary Ann never knew the popularity her apple variety achieved

The original Bramley tree survives to this day though it is reportedly suffering a fungal infection and thought to be dieing.

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