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Totally Cultured Apple & Cranberry Sauerkraut 420ml


Red Cabbage, Apple, Cranberry, Organic Himalayan Pink Salt

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Red Cabbage, Apple, Cranberry, Organic Himalayan Pink Salt

Made in St Neots-

All of the sauerkrauts we make here at totally cultured are traditionally ‘dry’ fermented, which is also referred to as wild fermentation. This means that we do not add water or starters to initiate the fermentation, we rely on the natural yeasts and bacteria that exist on the cabbages and in the air. They do all the hard work for us – what we do is provide the right environment for these good bacteria to thrive.

As your sauerkraut is ‘alive’ do not worry if you find bubbles in it or at times a fizz or even a bowed lid. These are perfectly normal and in no way a sign of the product having gone off. Those lovely bacteria need to breathe remember.


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