Mrs Middletons Mayonnaise

Mrs Middletons Mayonaise


Salad Tomatoes 300g

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Mrs Middleton’s Zingy Asian Dressing 250ml


250ml bottle of Mrs Middletons Zingy Asian Dressing. A combination of British and Asian  ingredients made in collaboration with chef Phil Fanning of restaurant Paris House.


Our zingy Asian dressing combines British and Asian ingredients, with a hint of sake and the delicious flavours of the Japanese sansho berry.

Mrs Middleton’s salad dressings are created using the finest cold-pressed rapeseed oil in collaboration with chef Phil Fanning of restaurant Paris House.

Allergen advice: contains wheat, soy, mustard, corn.

ingredients- Rapeseed oil, white soy sauce, (WHEAT SOY) shiragiku vineager (made from alcohol with rice sake extract) salt,sake(water,rice, rice koji mould, distilled alcohol, sugars, mirin type sweet seasoning, (glucose, syrup, water, spieit vinegar, fermented rice alcohol (water, rice, alcohol, salt, rice malt) yamafuku arima sansho ( japanese sake, mirin) wasabi (horseradish, MUSTARD, sugar, artificial colouring FD&C yellow no5 FD&Cblue No.1 Vitamin C, xanthan gum.

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